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Coach 302 - Details

Our ex-Hamilton GM coach 302 at our old Museum site Hamilton Coach 302 at our old Museum site

Make : GMC
Year : 1968
Model : TDH3502
Serial Number : 102
Length : 30'
Width : 96"
Height : -
Destination Sign : Full size
Seating : 22 passenger capacity - All hard plastic
Engine : Toroflow 6 cyl
Transmission : -
Air Conditioning : n/a
Center Doors : Air type
Acquired From : Wooster Iron & Metal
Condition : Operational - Overall in good condition.
Period : Painted in 80's era Hamilton OH livery.


Acquired in a trade for a Boro OH coach, GM TDH3610 from a scrap yard.

Coach 302 was loaned to Akron Metro as part of Metro's 25th anniversary celebration a few years ago. It was used in the Downtown Akron area by Metro as a shuttle coach during it's anniversary celebrations.

Coach 302 is a light duty transit coach manufactured by GM. Using the "Old-Look" body style, this coach was the last model that used the old body which dated from the 40's.

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